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kaollashiori wrote in tenipuri_myu
Looking to buy ALL FIRST SEASON tenimyu DVDs. Also, if anyone has Supporters DVDs for sale, I'm looking for the following:

Supporter's DVD Vol.01 Seigaku 2nd Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.03 Hyoutei Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.05 Seigaku 1st Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.06 Seigaku 3rd Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.08 Rikkaidai Fuzoku cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.10 Seigaku 4th Cast TOP ver.
Supporter's DVD Vol.10 Seigaku 4th Cast BOTTOM ver.
Supporter's DVD Vol. 15 Rikkaidai Fuzoku Nationals cast

Will pay for shipping to Singapore.

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The poster responded to you but as a separate comment, in case you're not checking the thread.

(and to hijack a little and since they're not asking for them, if you have the finals dvds with Rikkai A cast to sell, I would be very interested myself...)

Hi! Thanks for letting me know about the separate comment. :)

As for the dvds you were interested in, I'm not entirely sure which ones they are. If I remember correctly, I stopped collecting them around DL5... so if you could give me the actual names of the ones you're interested in, I'd be more than happy to look.

Ah, it's the last two main storyline ones I wanted - final match first and second - so I think they're too late for you to have. Oh well, never mind. :)

Ahh, ok. I'll still double check my storage, but yeah, unfortunately I don't think I have them. I'm sorry!

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