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kaollashiori wrote in tenipuri_myu
Looking to buy ALL FIRST SEASON tenimyu DVDs. Also, if anyone has Supporters DVDs for sale, I'm looking for the following:

Supporter's DVD Vol.01 Seigaku 2nd Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.03 Hyoutei Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.05 Seigaku 1st Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.06 Seigaku 3rd Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.08 Rikkaidai Fuzoku cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.10 Seigaku 4th Cast TOP ver.
Supporter's DVD Vol.10 Seigaku 4th Cast BOTTOM ver.
Supporter's DVD Vol. 15 Rikkaidai Fuzoku Nationals cast

Will pay for shipping to Singapore.

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Oops yeah sorry was very blur while typing.

I said:

Hello! Great to hear from you :) My top priority would be the three that are out of print; they are:

#15 – The Progressive Match Higa ft. Rikkai (¥?)*
#16 – Dream Live 5th (¥?)*
#17 – Imperial Presence Hyotei ft. Higa Tokyo Return Show (¥?)* (Released 21st February, 2009)

Do you have any of these? :) And how much would you be interested to sell them for? If you prefer, do feel free to email me at and we can talk more privately there.


I've sent you an email. :)

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