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Selling and fundraising!
jacky_m wrote in tenipuri_myu
Hello all!
I will be going to Tanzania this summer to do voluntary work. It is funded by the government but I still want to donate some money to the charity - ICS. Hoping to sell some of my Prince of Tennis and tenimyu stuff that I don't really need - photosets, photobooks, CD's.

Based in UK. Willing to ship overseas. Postage not included in the price. We can discuss shipping costs if you find something you like. Accept paypal.


1."Kakaeta Kiseki" by Ryoma Echizen, Shuichiro Oishi, Kunimitsu Tezuka and Shusuke Fuji- $8

Ryoma Echizen character singles (Voice actress - Junko Minagawa).
2. "Minna Koko ni Ita -2004.8.18 Live Memorial Version" - $8
3. "Everything" - $8
4. "Progress". Comes with a booklet, re-printed signatures by Takeshi Konomi and Junko Minagawa. Ask for sample photos - $10
5. Kimeru's "Galaxy Kiss" album. Comes with a photobook (ask for sample photos), booklet and 2007 mini calender - $15


Kimeru - Prince of New Noble Glam Rock + random photocard - $25 - SOLD
Kazuki Kato - Voyage -
Seto Koji - D-BOYS Collection -
Araki Hirofumi - D-BOYS Collection -


Hiroki Aiba Set 1 - $3

Hiroki Aiba Set 2 and Set 3 - $4 each

Hiroki Aiba random photos, each $1.

Kazuki Kato Set 1 - $3
5 random photos,
each $1.

TAKERU Set 1 - $4

Araki Hirofumi 4 Sets - each $3 SOLD

Keisuke Minami - Set $3, 2 random photos each $1

Kotaro Yanagi Set $3, Yuya Endo Set $2

Seto Koji Set 1, Set 2 - each $3

Yuichi Tsuchiya Set, Eiji Moriyama Set, each $2

Two random Kimeru and Yukihiro Takiguchi photos, each $1

Feel free to contact me^^ Thank you lovelies!

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I'm interested in Kimeru's photo book. How much would shipping be to 78258 in the USA?

I'm interested in the four Araki Hirofumi sets. How much would shipping be to 22832 in the U.S.?

Option 1 - $4 with 28 days delivery aim, not tracked.
Option 2- $6 with 5-7 days delivery aim, not tracked.

So $16 in total if choosing Option 1, and $18 with Option 2. If you want to track, then it's $14 for shipping, $28 in total.

wow, that's not as bad as I thought it may be...Option 2 sounds good to me and with no tracking is fine. So it would be $18 then correct?

Yes, correct! Paypal? My e-mail Send me a PM with your full address as well.

Wow, sorry I didn't reply before, I was waiting for a reply to the comment and since it never came, I decided to check the post. Its a good thing I did or I probably wouldn't have seen your reply :/.

I will get on paypal now and send you the money as well as a pm with my address.

Again, sorry for the delay.

Oh, sorry! I think it's my fault. I pressed the wrong button T_T Received the money! Will post the photosets tomorrow first thing in the morning!

sorry I didn't get a chance to do this yesterday but I got the Arayan photosets in the mail yesterday. They are absolutely fantastic! Thank you!

I hope your trip goes well too!

Great! :) Thank you, can't wait!^^

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