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Enquiry: Where to sell PoT and Tenimyu goods?

Hi guys,

just a quick question: I've got about 300-400 PoT and around 50 Bleach doujinshi (and lots of other PoT stuff like CDs, keychains, etc.) floating around and I'd really like to sell them (very cheap). Since LJ (aside from this community) seems to be more or less dead, could anyone point me to a place where people might still be interested in buying PoT and obviously Tenimyu (photosets, CDs, the odd DVD, etc.) stuff? I'd be shipping from Germany if that is of any importance.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers ^^
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For sale Tenimyu autograph board

I have had this autograph board from the first cast around for years, so I'm looking to sell it and send it on to a new home.

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I want to say this is the very most original cast since that is the show I saw live in person, but friends went to some other showings of it, so it may be from there. Definitely the one with Kimeru as Fuji.

I was thinking $30 plus shipping
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[WTB] Tenimyu DVDS

Hi all!

I am looking for the following season 1 dvds:

-Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ First Service -
Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ Second Service -
-Dream Live 4th
Dream Live 5th

hopefully someone is able to point me in the right direction of getting them >_<
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Selling and fundraising!

Hello all!
I will be going to Tanzania this summer to do voluntary work. It is funded by the government but I still want to donate some money to the charity - ICS. Hoping to sell some of my Prince of Tennis and tenimyu stuff that I don't really need - photosets, photobooks, CD's.

Based in UK. Willing to ship overseas. Postage not included in the price. We can discuss shipping costs if you find something you like. Accept paypal.

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[FanFic] U~īkuendo - ai : Getsuyōbi

U~īkuendo - ai


WARNING: mature love but not to the extent of having a rated M

STATUS: in progress

CHARACTERS: Seigaku Casts 1 to 5, Hyoutei Cast 1


SUMMARY: She’s a tourist when they met at a karaoke bar. He was with his friends. She was singing and he was captivated by her voice. Then they got into a worldwind romance.

A/N: Though it may seem that the main character is Kato Kazuki, I still can’t decide which character to use as a main character yet. I would need your input on this so comment your recommended pair to see a happy ending on Chapter seven.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Tenimyu nor POT! I also do NOT own Dear Diary. It is from a long ago famous duo m2m.


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Hi everyone! I've had another clear out and selling off most of the last of my Tenimyu collection. Photosets, photobooks, DVDs, CDs and promo items are all over here:

Postage from the UK, PayPal accepted. Please check it out!