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kaollashiori wrote in tenipuri_myu
Looking to buy ALL FIRST SEASON tenimyu DVDs. Also, if anyone has Supporters DVDs for sale, I'm looking for the following:

Supporter's DVD Vol.01 Seigaku 2nd Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.03 Hyoutei Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.05 Seigaku 1st Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.06 Seigaku 3rd Cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.08 Rikkaidai Fuzoku cast
Supporter's DVD Vol.10 Seigaku 4th Cast TOP ver.
Supporter's DVD Vol.10 Seigaku 4th Cast BOTTOM ver.
Supporter's DVD Vol. 15 Rikkaidai Fuzoku Nationals cast

Will pay for shipping to Singapore.

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Are you looking to buy new or used DVDs?

New preferably, but will buy used if in very good condition.

All of the first season musicals and supporters DVDs can still be bought at Animate or at the musicals themselves except for the ones featuring first season Yuujiro Kai's Hijiri. Those can only be found used and often at only inflated prices since they're no longer available.

I might be able to help you buy the ones still available at Animate if you can't find them elsewhere.

Ooh could you really?? :D They're next to impossible to find online, and I was supposed to go to Japan in April but my mum backed out on me and we're going to Korea instead :(

Oh that's disappointing but Korea is still a lovely country.

Send me an email at and we can see if we can sort something out.

I just registered this: 'except for the ones featuring first season Yuujiro Kai's Hijiri.'

I realise this means that the Higa match musical is not available. Any reason why? :(

Oh-kay scrap that I know why :/ That's horrible :/

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