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The Story
Problems with the moderator of tenimyu acting in a most un-moderator like fashion gave birth to this community! tenipuri_myu, a place where people can talk and share their love for the live-action 'Tennis no Oujisama' Musical series! (without the fear of random banning and a holier-than-thou, suck-up-to-me-or-else mod.) Talk about your love for the music, preference of cast, or simply how HOT the actors are! Free discussion is welcome and encouraged. .^_^

The Rules

1. Stay on topic.

2. No spam please.

3. No flames/bashing.

4. All media/sharing (files, icons, wallpaper, etc) posts must be LOCKED.

5. All requests are to be made at this post. and please please please try to fill requests if you can!! =D

6. Want to make a sales post? please make sure you read this first! All sales should be TeniMyu/TeniMyu actor-related, not Tenipuri anime-related. Thanks~


If you have any concerns/comments/ideas/etc. please feel free to contact me at sailorstarsun (at) {gmail} dot [com] (but without all the brackets and such, of course .^_~ ).

Please check the memories for info on where to download the Musicals and soundtracks, etc!

Thanks for joining, and have fun! .^__^

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